Sponsors Day

By Garry Saunderson

Took our 1964 GT out to the sponsors day at Qld Raceway on Saturday to run in the new engine.

The cars were not allowed on the track unless there was a passenger. Allan did 4 X 5 lap runs. No problem with the motor. It is now ready to go racing. He had a blue late model Lotus roar past him on one of the laps. Boy they are quick.

In the group photo from left to right: Graham Palmer (pit crew), Claude Cicotelli (EH Holden driver}, Peter Stevanovick (pit crew manager), Allan.

Dave Waddington (Cortina) and Brett Curran (Camaro) were also there doing laps. Adrian Moore turned up and bolted on an in-car camera. When I get the footage I’ll upload it to YouTube. Till the next race meeting at the Gatton Sprints in February.