A Catch Up with Group N

Story and photos by Garry Saunderson.

Allan Saunderson at Round 7 of the QHTCA Qld Cup, Qld Raceway 14-16 September 2018.

Only 7 entries for this race meeting so the committee invited some extra cars along to fill the field up to 15.

In Race 1 we had an oil leak and the clutch started slipping. It was a reconditioned clutch and pressure plate. I squirted two cans of brake clean-up through the throw out lever hole and cleaned the oil out. It worked like a beauty. No more clutch slip.

Gary Herron turned up in his Lotus Cortina. He has not raced with us since 2012. Very quick car doing 1.29 on the long track. Half way through the first race Saturday he lost 4th gear and had to circulate around in 3rd. He thought he was finished for the weekend but my son Allan had to go to a wedding on Saturday arvo so Gary had a run in our blue Cortina in Race 2. He had a real good duel with Jim Waugh in the red BMW. I reckon I have just about convinced him to come back racing with Group N.

In Race 3 Sunday morning Allan came together with the black BMW of John Tupicoff. Check out the pics. Both cars were repaired and kept racing.

In Race 4 on Sunday the car was running out of fuel on the back straight. We found that the rubber fuel pipe was kinked where it goes onto the Webers. Hopefully we have fixed it.

Jim Goulden in his Silver 105E Anglia was circulating around the track all weekend just behind Jim Waugh in the red BMW. I looked at Jim’s Anglia about 12 months ago and we worked out I used to own the car about 15 years ago. Like a silly boy I sold it but it has ended up in a good home. Jim has a log-booked Mk1 Cortina with a Lotus motor fitted and I think I have just about convinced him to come and have a run with Group N as well.

Mike Sullivan (the caterer) supplied lunch once again. Excellent job Mike, thanks. Also thanks to Peter Pit Crew and Major Graham for pit crewing.

Smallest field of racers for this year and we had the most prangs (4 in total). We still managed to have 11 cars in the last race on Sunday.


Historic Touring Cars – Group N – Race 1 – National Circuit, Event R2, 8 Laps

Pos Driver Vehicle Capacity Time (8 Laps)
1 Grahame Wrobel Ford Mustang 4974 11:41.1325
2 Mark Switzer Ford Mustang 5017 11:59.2006
3 Norm Singleton Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV 1800 12:00.2192
4 Nick Linton Holden Torana 2000 12:07.9026
5 Stephen Scales Chevrolet Camaro 6000 12:07.9975
6 Brian Russell FJ Holden 3300 12:21.1121
7 Steve Jones Torana XU1 3300 12:22.1941
8 Allan Saunderson Ford Cortina 1500 12:24.3084
9 Andrew Hinz Datsun 1600 1600 12:27.8974
10 John Tupicoff BMW 2002 2000 12:28.6677
11 Gary Herr Lotus Cortina 1600 13:00.5936
12 Jim Waugh BMW 2002 2000 11:43.1835
13 Jim Goulden Ford Anglia 2000 11:44.4093
DNF David Streat Holden Torana GTR XU1 3300 n/a
DNF Bruce Dummett Holden Torana GTR XU1 3300 n/a