Tyred, windy, a big cook up and Zucchini

Morgan Park Sprints 2019 – Round 2

Story by Garry Pitt, photos by Gloria Wade and Garry Pitt.

The usual crew descended on Warwick for Round 2 of the Qld Super Sprint series in May.

We were on the 1.5k circuit, not a favourite for most people with the reduced track length. Just the addition of a tricky right after the bridge to keep it interesting.

The weekend was a windy one and the track surface very cold, making PB’s a challenge to chase down. This didn’t stop everyone pushing to get the most out of themselves and the cars. Resulting in some interesting events.

There was the odd spin as people pushed the limit of grip. Mr Geoff Noble clipping a cone at the entry to the flip flops and dragging it onto the racing line, successfully killing everyone’s fastest run of the weekend on the very last run. Crafty man that Geoff, like Michael Schumacher parking his F1 car at Rascasse in the 2006 Monaco qualifying session.

But tyres also featured in the weekend, with Matt Plowman trying to turn his front tyres into squares and Garry Pitt burning through a set of rears doing too much “practice” on Friday. At least this made one good set between the two of them with Matt bolting on Garry’s fronts to finish off the weekend on slicks.

The real fun however was a zucchini! A what, you ask, a giant zucchini. You see most the fun of the weekend is not at the track, it’s gathering together to talk cars, times, George Row’s adventures on penny farthings and other peddle powered apparatus, over Marie’s gourmet spread.

Making an appearance was a giant zucchini grown by our Bed & Breakfast hosts Yve and Chris. Without going into details there were a lot of jokes and innuendo surrounding the zucchini and much more merriment was derived from it than there should have been. Such a bunch of adult children we are, it even found its way into a couple of beds, enough said about it I think!

Anyway a huge thank you to Marie for a massive cook up and it’s safe to say a good weekend was had by all. Roll on Round 3.