Sunshine Coast Motor Sport Club – Round 6 Lakeside DTC (May 2019)

Words and pics by Shane Murphy.

Round 3 of the Lotus Club Queensland DTC series was cancelled at short notice by Lakeside management, a higher priority user conflicted with us and our club and booking were punted into touch.

Luckily for club members a long-time supporter of our events, the Sunshine Coast Motor Sport Club had an event planned for the same weekend, but on the Saturday. Daryl was on to it immediately and an invitation was issued for our club members to sign on.

With the change in date and with fifteen spots available to use, diaries were shuffled, wives, partners and comrades consulted but alas only three were granted a leave pass and were able to register, Jon (Smokin) Young, Daryl (big Daz or the Old fella) Wilson, Mal (the coasty) Gray and Shane (Ace) Murphy, a quality field.

The SCMSC wrangled a field of 32 vehicles with very enthusiastic drivers in a very mixed breed of machinery. In the true spirit of Lotus one of the (unnamed competitors) proceeded to dismantle his Hyundai Excel, removing the bonnet, headlamps, doors and boot-lid, just adding lightness.

Team LCQ were pretty keen to try the different layout and with electronic timers deployed the guys were able to overlap two cars on the track thus plenty of runs were on offer.

We went hard at it all morning, the longer track configuration suited the nimbler with a few extra horses and we kept ourselves near the top quartile of the timing sheets, alas by lunchtime and with two or three corners covered in dirt, our times stabilised. Jon (mentally) and Daryl (physically), depleted from 7 runs called it stumps, I managed two extra runs and Mal punted on, getting his new suspension set up under control and chipping away at the timing sheets. See you at Noosa Mal?

Thanks to the crew from the north coast, like our own club a fun event with plenty of characters, Daryl will definitely be thinking about an alternative layout for our next event, just to keep us on our toes.