Mt Glorious Run – July 2015

By Steve Lennox, with pictures by Gloria Wade

The Mt Glorious run is one of my favourites, as it is less than 30 minutes from my doorstep. A great drive along some 30km of winding mountainous road, with outstanding views of the Brisbane Valley (if you dare to take your eyes off the road). I have been driving this road for many years; far too many to admit.

In writing this article I have taken time to think back, and I believe that I have driven every car I owned at least once along this road, yes even the basic ‘taxi pack’ Commodores and Falcons. Obviously many more runs in Lotuses as they are absolutely made for these twisting narrow B-roads.

This particular morning was very cool (freezing) for Brisbane and to my surprise some very well dressed (insulated) Seven drivers were at the start. Other cars included two Europas (one of them my new acquisition), Elises, both types of Elan, Subaru BRZ, as well as others including the event organizer Clive driving Gloria’s Fiat Abarth. That little Abarth has to be one of the fastest shopping carts in the west.

As always, a great drive was had by all, with some spirited steering through the twisty bits.
As it is ‘Tour de France Season’, the drive has become a lot more cautious, as the blind corners and crests can reveal unexpected cyclists.

We arrived at Maiala Café for Breakfast with all the bikers. What a great collection of two and four wheeled machinery parked out the front – we all take a slow walk inside to order breakfast while admiring others mechanical passion.

After a hearty cooked breakfast with some very good coffee and a lot of the usual Lotus Club banter, some of us do the return drive back to the traffic and mundane driving in the city. Others hang around until lunch before heading back.

What a great way to spend a Sunday morning.