Barefoot Bowls – a very LCQ Christmas

Barefoot bowling, a quintessential activity on a balmy Queensland afternoon. That was the plan anyway.

Story by Shane Murphy, photos by Gloria Wade

Last Christmas the club sponsored barefoot bowls at Toowong as part of our broader social program, it was such a success particularly engaging a broad group of families.

The band playing, platters of food and drinks in the afternoon shade, Dick getting knocked down by Colin, the spin and drift and of course, the strategy.

Alas Dick’s shoes.

The sound of jack on ball and kids squealing, the sky blackening from the West.

The weather bureau knew better than us and the skies opened. Down came the torrential rain, run for cover. Lightning belted across the horizon; it was very spectacular but no bowling of course.

The pool table filled up, the greens became pools, testing the stormwater management system.

An impressive BBQ, the Recliners (without Vyvyan) moved inside and ploughed on as Pete and Mandy contemplated the rain.

Cold beer and champagne for the girls, rain or shine it was still fun, it was nice to see a few of the old timers put in an appearance, good to see them.

Next year the competition will resume.