Club Meeting & Presentation – Dec 2015

LCQ December Club Meeting & Presentation Night

Story by Clive Wade, photos by Gavin Goeldner and Dick Reynolds.

What a successful meeting! A huge turnout of members, a huge turnout of Lotuses, and exemplary facilities at Derek Dean’s Motorman Imports.

A BIG thank you to Derek and Anita for hosting the December Meeting & 2015 Presentation Night. Derek & Anita put a huge effort into this event, relocating all their covered displays to make room for 60 plus Lotuses, seating and trophy table.

Of course the meeting is always a little less formal with the usual subjects pushed aside for far more important things… like the absolutely delicious Thai Orchid Red Chicken Curry washed down with ale, wine or soft drink. But most importantly, the presentations, the bragging (a recent phenomenon since LCQ won the Interclub Challenge), and the camaraderie.

Awards were given, short speeches made (well most were short), photos taken, and hands shaken. For me as president, a most rewarding evening.

And the award winners were:

Lotus Club Queensland Encouragement Award – Recognising an expensive or difficult re-build or restoration

John Barram
Development of the Cheetah
Development of the Mini 7

Terrence Mellor Memorial Trophy – Recognising outstanding services to Lotus Club Qld

Ken Philp
Effort put into the Interclub Challenge

Competition Point Score Winner – Recognising competing in club competitions

Shane Murphy
A truly valiant effort in attending almost everything (and getting his car into so many magazines)

Special Awards

Cameron Campbell-Brown
Assisting with Social runs

Dick Reynolds
DTC & ICC (and because we felt sorry for him!)

Matt Plowman
Competition in Morgan Park Sprints & DTCs

Darryl Ringuit
Competition in Morgan Park Sprints

Martin O’Brien
Assisting with DTCs & Competition in Morgan Park Sprints & DTCs

Vyvyan Black
Brilliant Webmaster services

After these awards were handed out, Ken Philp regaled us with tall (not necessarily true) tales of the various adventures in ensuring LCQ was the inaugural winner of the Interclub Challenge.

Now Ken had insisted, at the ICC Presentation Day, that I, as LCQ President, should be humble and respectful in receiving the ‘Outright Winning Club’ trophy. I should not, under any circumstances, brag about LCQ’s prowess, for all that could be done much more discreetly at a venue such as the LCQ Presentation Night. Well, suffice it to say, once in the privacy of our own meeting, behind closed doors so to speak, Ken was far from discreet. No, he had us rolling on the floor as he pointed out the finer points between the Porsche or Alfa efforts when the gauntlet is thrown down. Thank you Ken for your honesty and only mildly enhanced tales.

Yes, it was a really enjoyable evening. And if we weren’t talking Lotus, Derek was proudly showing his recently completed Lotus Artefacts Museum, his proud collection of all sorts of things Lotus accumulated over the years in the UK and Australia. If you didn’t get to see the display, do yourself a favour and go, it really is an impressive collection. I’m sure Derek can help you out with an extra Lotus or Caterham for your garage too.

A truly enjoyable night,
Thanks again, Derek & Anita.