Super Sprints B Series Round 4 – Oct 2015

By Martin O’Brien

This round of the Qld Super sprints started with a murmur rather than the usual buzz of excitement. Arriving late to practice found a lone Geoff Noble Elise. It was looking to be a sparse line up on track. Attendance was down for these events due to varied reasons such as no engine, no time, no brownie points. No mind, more buffer for us numpties (I speak for myself here).

After a quick chat to Marie and Geoff on everyone’s activities since last meet, I gave the tyres a kick and carried out other usual safety preparations in readiness to shoot out on track for a couple of laps to “get my eye in”. – As has been said before $30 for half a day of track time has to be a bargain; it was not long before the reality of the condition of my rubber began to surface – yes setting up excuses already. In fact I think those first few laps were to be my fastest all weekend.

Clive arrived shortly after to bolster the numbers to three Elise.

Saturday morning dawned and by the chatter on Facebook regarding Barry M’s twisted ankle the day before it looked like another excuse would be no way can I drive. But No! He is a man on a mission to get to at least one QSS be for the year is out, thus he did appear in the morn fully adorned in moon boot and race suit. This meant the Elise/Exige group turned out a respectable four cars Got to give it to the Barry for driving 2 ½ hours to the track, did 3 of the four runs of the day, turned around and drove back.

Having only four cars meant I was going to be running with Geoff up front for the standing pairs start (5 second intervals). On the first run, red light on, 5 second board went up, lights went out, launch – PANIC! What seemed like an instant Geoff had gone from my peripheral vision into my central focal point many, many metres in front of me. I was sure I must have selected reverse and was careening toward Barry waiting behind me for his start. Quick sensory check: G forces acting in correct manner and forcing me into the seat back, look out a side window confirmed I was traveling forward ant my normal rate of knots on take-off. Okay all is well, and not too bad a start really. But wow! Did Geoff and his Elise get up go?

On a side note it was good training for me to follow Geoff on the track – at least up to the second corner from which point he was, for all intents, gone!

Sunday saw another three event free runs for an early finish to the day. Being the last round of the year a sausage sizzle was held on the new deck outside the canteen to give the obligatory thanks and present the season memento to participants. A lovely little coffee mug emblazed with our cars in full flight, courtesy of Digital Realism.

I’m not sure what the times ended up being – because we don’t really care about those now do we?
Those inclined can always take a peek at my laps.

What I can say is once more a very fun and safe time was had by all, along with recognition of a great and well organised year of super sprints and a quite thought for the passing of a friend.