Roll Cages in Queensland

Source: Queensland Motorised Sports Council Incorporated (QMSC)

There’s some degree of confusion on whether full (six-point) roll cages are legal or not for road-registered vehicles in Queensland. Many say they aren’t, but in fact they are legal in some cases.

Authorities are not in support of six-point roll cages in road vehicles for a number of good reasons. The addition of the two bars towards the front increases the risk of a head clash, particularly considering that helmets aren’t worn (unlike in competition). Vision obstruction at the A-pillar is another reason, as well as potential compromise of the vehicles’ crumple zone and airbag deployment interference in newer vehicles.

They may also make it difficult for emergency services to remove you or your passengers in a major accident. It’s also important to note that roll-over accidents are not that common, and modern vehicles are much more stable and less likely to roll than older ones. Most injuries sustained by occupants in accidents occur from physical contact with interior structures or fittings. Thus, a roll cage may increase the likelihood and severity of injury – not reduce it.

The requirement for fitting a six-point cage for road use is usually related to the vehicles’ use in competition events. Rally vehicles are a major category, and the fact that they use public roads for competition means this subject is a big issue for them. Cars built or modified primarily for use in Multi-stage Rally Competitions are granted registration under a ‘rally vehicle scheme’, allowing very limited use on roads. Download the form

roll-cage There are also a limited number of factory-fitted roll cages available from manufacturers (e.g. in a Porsche GT3). These are acceptable for road-use. But all other vehicles will require a cage to be added – which is a ‘modification’.

Following the introduction of the National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification (VSB 14) in 2012, all states effectively banned the fitting of six-point cages as a certifiable modification. Vehicles certified by State Authorities with a six-point cage prior to VSB 14 would continue to be legal for road use. However, for enthusiasts wishing to fit a cage to a newer rally vehicle, there didn’t appear to be an option. CAMS commenced negotiations with State Authorities towards an exemption, which has now been achieved. Enthusiast rally vehicles (those equipped with a CAMS logbook and registered to a CAMS license holder) are now allowed to fit a six-point cage and continue to have full road-registration. Vehicles need to comply with the ‘Guidelines for the fitting of safety cages and harness type seatbelts to CAMS club rally vehicles in Queensland’, issued by Transport in April 2015. Download the form

Another option is to fit a four-point roll bar with removable front legs which are not in place while on the road network. This type of roll bar can be certified under the LK9 and LK10 modification codes. In the case of drag racing, vehicles quicker than 11 second quarter mile (generally) require a six-point cage. The removable option would be the best in this case.