March 2018 Early Morning Run

By Shane Murphy. Pics by Dick Reynolds and Shane Murphy.

In Brisbane we are closing in on the Autumnal Equinox (21st March at 2.15 am), so no surprise that even though we have crossed the notional change of season calendar event, the sun is still high and the days are hot and long; perfect weather for an EMR.

A great turn out with the usual Mt Glorious bandits, some clad in high performance Thongs, Flip Flops or Jandals and it was nice to welcome a couple of new runners–fresh blood so to speak–Adam and Rob in Elises and Sam in his Exige S.

Jon’s challenge for the morning was to scrub in his new 12” Khumo soft tyres ready to trounce the lot of us at next weekend’s DTC–watch out Daryl.

Controversy erupted before we left McDonalds with Daryl sternly pointing out to an unsuspecting cyclist that we would be watching out for her and that she should stick to the road rules. Well done Daryl!

The lower part of the run was cool and fast–plenty of cyclists to keep us on our toes, the odd Jeep driver and thankfully very few Magna’s. Steve Lennox pointed out that he saw no plod, so all was good and member’s finances should be intact.

The traffic lights on the flip flops are a pest, especially when only half the group gets through between cycles. Good one Dick!

A family affair with an extra three Murphys joining in the fun for breakfast, Chrissy, Ted, Vivienne and Jen bolstered team Green, now Team Green and Blue. Across the morning group the age profile spanned 6 months to 75 years. That’s what you call succession planning.

Breakfasts were served in the usual no-fuss manner and home to watch the Supercars or mow the lawn, depending on your poison.