A wet Lakeside DTC – March 2018

By George Row. Photos by Matthew Wylie.

Six inches of standing water on the doughnut and drizzle greeted us at the Driver Training Course. Cancellation was not an option so the track was modified.

For those yet to discover the wonders of the DTC, it is a separate track outside the main Lakeside circuit and would best be described as a horizontal hill climb. It’s a timed single car event taking 45-60 sec. The dozen or so corners are very challenging but with plenty of run-off, damaged egos have been the only casualties in the last three years.

The modified course for the day used only half the doughnut in reverse so times couldn’t be compared with previous events and the rolling showers made each of the seven runs completely different.

Dick Reynolds planned to video various corners but because of the rain didn’t get set up until the last run, when it looked like it had cleared. By the time he’d lined up there had been another shower and he managed to record a spectacular lose on the finish line, threatening to wipe out not only his recording equipment but also our new timing equipment.

Nearly half of the 40 contestants were Lotus and the weather failed to dampen the enthusiasm as the pictures show.

DTC Times | 11 March 2018
Driver Vehicle Best Time
Daniel Duffield 1998 RPV 01 (Course 2) 29.064
Greg McHugh 2017 Ford Focus RS 44.730
Mick Sorrell 2016 Ford Focus 45.229
Roger Morrison 2016 Ford Focus 45.455
Kris McKerron 2004 Lotus Elise 111R 45.846
Phil Hart 2012 Lotus Elise 46.207
Lindsay Close 2007 Lotus Exige 46.381
Dick Reynolds 1988 Caterham Super 7 46.509
John Flynn 2014 Lotus Elise 46.867
Andrew Row 2005 Lotus Exige 47.085
Jon Young 1988 Caterhan Super 7 47.165
Daryl Wilson 1998 Caterham Super 7 47.297
Stephen Foss 2008 Westfield XTR2 47.551
Leigh Achterberg 1980 Porsche 944 47.758
Troy Jackson 2014 Subaru BRZ 47.785
Mal Gray 2002 Lotus Elise 48.030
Rhys Watson 2013 Renault Megane RS265 48.143
Peter Cox 1990 Mazda MX5 48.337
Steve Arlidge 1989 Suzuki Swift 48.730
David Holman 2007 Ford Fiesta 48.774
Joshua Luckel 2002 Mazda RX7 49.051
Stephen Blackie 2010 Lotus Elise CR 49.748
Angus Watson 2013 Renault Megane RS265 49.938
Addison Flynn 2014 Lotus Elise 50.026
Mal Kelson 1997 Lotus Elise 50.161
Steve Lennox 2008 Lotus Europa 50.564
Krisian Steentrup 2006 BMW I30 51.396
Matthew Nayler 2000 Subaru BRZ 51.497
John Pearce 1991 Nissan Skyline GTR 51.641
Mica Steenstrup 2006 BMW I30 51.941
Kristy McAndrew 1991 Mazda MX5 52.659
Alexander Canning 2004 Lotus Elise 111R 52.830
George Row 2007 Lotus Elise 53.352
Lloyd Jones 1969 Lotus Europa 53.568
Berenice Stratton 1991 Mazda MX5 55.810
Michael Jones 1969 Lotus Europa 59.216
Jack Toohey 1989 Mazda RX7 59.427
Graham Sorenson 2003 Lotus Elise 61.261
Susan Goodhew 2010 Lotus Elise CR 64.683
Evan Lambkin 2007 Holden Clubsport R8 DNR
Mike Driscoll 1976 Jaguar D-Type Replica DNR
Robin Smyth 1970 Ford Escort DNR
Evan Molloy 2006 Lotus Exige S DNR
James Driscoll 1976 Jaguar D-Type Replica DNR
Juan Laporta 2013 Lotus Elise S2 DNR
Chris Saunders 1974 Ford Escort DNR

2017 Lakeside Raceway DTC Round Up

By Daryl Wilson

Since the first LCQ Lakeside Driver Training Centre Timed Laps back in September 2011, these events have become extremely popular and gone from strength to strength. This year’s four Lakeside DTC events were no exception with many old and new faces keen to test themselves and their cars.

The success of the Lakeside DTC events has also been largely due to the many LCQ members who help set up and run them on the day, so a very big thanks to all of you.

As part of the Club’s annual presentations we have included a small trophy for the best LCQ member performance over the year. When reviewing the 2017 Lakeside DTC results it was difficult to assess the results and agree a winner.

Initially we looked at how many events each LCQ member had entered and agreed no one had entered more than three events.

Secondly, we looked at each event and identified the three best performers based on their Best time and where they finished on the day, but that also was not conclusive.

Lastly, we aggregated the Best times for each of the three best performers for each of the three events in which they had entered.

Amazingly Liam Philp and Martin O’Brien each ended up with a total aggregate time of 141.656 seconds for the three events they competed in – see table below.

Dick Reynolds on the other hand, had a total aggregate time of 141.042 seconds for the three events in which he competed in – see table below.

Hence Dick was declared the winner of the 2017 Lakeside DTC Trophy with a winning margin of .614 of a second. Hardly a resounding win and we are not competitive, but I am sure Dick will dine out on it for many months to come.

DTC Event Dick Reynolds Liam Philp Martin O’Brien
  Place Best Time Place Best Time Place Best Time
12/03/2017 1 46.612 3 46.752 7 47.619
4/06/2017 4 46.885 3 46.733 5 47.614
27/08/2017 7 47.545 7 48.171 2 46.423
Total Seconds   141.042   141.656   141.656

Dick Reynolds winner by .614 sec

Congratulations to Dick, Liam and Martin and thanks to everyone who either helped or competed in these events. We look forward to more close competition in 2018.