LCQ Presentation Night 2017

Words by Clive Wade, pics by Gloria Wade.

Our Presentation Night broke with tradition, where normally we have fluctuated between the two venues of Derek Dean’s Motorman Imports premises or Shannon’s Car Park, this time we were hosted by our new Lotus Dealer; Lotus Cars Queensland.

Numerous members arrived early to set up the traditional BBQ with wine and ale in the forecourt of the dealership, stools and tables scattered amongst new Lotus made for quite a setting. Mal Kelson soon had the BBQ ablaze delivering various choice meats which he had personally prepared and marinated himself. It wasn’t long before we had the dealership’s courtyard absolutely a-brim with shiny Lotus of various models from throughout the near 70 years of the marque’s history.

After the BBQ we got on with the official part of the evening; the presentations. I think I said it last year, it is very satisfying to be President on the last meeting night of the year. Monthly issues were put aside to concentrate on the awards only. As per all years previous, deciding who would be the winners is always difficult, as there are always well deserving members who have done so well, but there can be only one winner, and those winners are:

Perpetual Trophies

Lotus Club Qld Encouragement Trophy for Best Mechanical Build/Rebuild:
Tony Galletly for his superb Lotus 11 rebuild.

Les Mellor Memorial Trophy Club Man Award – The person who puts in an immense effort for the club
Daryl Wilson for Organising DTC’s, improving DTC’s and doing anything else that he can he can to help out, not to mention being treasurer.

Competition Point Score Trophy
Dick Reynolds DTC Champion and attending so many other competition events on behalf of the club.

Competition Awards

DTC Champion:
Dick Reynolds (evergreen improver of a well-used Caterham)

ICC LCQ Best Placed Competitor:
Shane Murphy (the most regular competitor)

Hill Climbs LCQ Champion:
Zaid Latif (covering himself and LCQ in glory)

Morgan Park Sprints LCQ Champion:
Garry Pitt (consistently making his NA Honda 2 litre outperform all the turbocharged cars)

Life Membership

Something the Club has never done before, but as the Club matures it becomes apparent some members are forever there, always helping out in whatever manner they can. When the committee broached the subject there were no detractors from the idea, and it was soon decided to consider various members of long standing membership. Our first two recipients were unanimously chosen.

Craig Wilson and Mal Kelson, both members have been around a long time, but more importantly, both are always there, giving unquestioned support wherever, and however they can. Craig and Mal, congratulations, you both deserve the accolade and the honour.

No doubt there are other members worthy of high accolades too, I could make a list now, but it’s not the time. In coming years there will be more Life Memberships awarded, not necessarily every year, as that would demean the award, but every now and again there will be somebody worthy of such special mention.