December 2018 EMR

Words by Shane Murphy. Photos by Dick Reynolds, Shane Murphy and Steve Lennox.

T’was a week before Christmas and the word had got around, a blast up to Mt Glorious for brekkie and a coffee was on the books, all-comers welcome.

7.30 at Maccas, three Sevens, two Europa’s, two Elise’s plus an Evora to cap it off. A drag race to Settlement Road, then a steady run to the top, the usual mix of cyclists, bikers, Datsun’s and the odd Porsche were also enjoying the blacktop.

The last time I followed Steve up the hill we both received a nice picture in the mail so this time, eyes were glued on the road ahead and rear-view mirrors. A random breath test awaited us at the top, all clear, with only one of the crew being checked.

A full house at the café, with at least a hundred bikers enjoying the sunshine and coffee.

Next time you see Steve Lennox ask him about his new protocol of getting the biker chicks to take his empty plate away, she was really only looking for the salt and pepper, whoops.

Despite the big crowd, the service was great, coffee was hot, even the half strength soya in a mug was spot on!

While we enjoyed the banter and coffee, the coppers headed back to Brisbane, so a steady run home was guaranteed.

Steve, Clive and Ken continued on to Fernvale – on face value it was to enjoy a nice summer run – the back story was that all four of them, yes Margie as well, were hanging out for a nice pie and sauce.

With the promise of thirty degree days, summer touring is a little challenging, so this short run was good way to finish the Lotus year, bring on the fruit mince pies and family fun.