EMR September 2018

Words and Photos by Shane Murphy.

The bearer of all glad tidings, Dick Reynolds issued the cry, there is coffee, bacon and eggs in them their hills, be at the Gap at 7.30 or be square.

Steve Lennox had the legals covered with our official CAMS sanctioning paperwork, boxes ticked, all accounted for. Luckily for Steve, Gail was at hand to keep the process above board.

Interestingly, read into the picture what you will, yours truly parked in the disabled spot and “Smoking” Jon availed himself of the ambulance bay. Before we get all thingy, the medical centre was closed for the day and no one was disadvantaged by our oversight.

A clear day promised much, entirely obvious to the Brisbane motorcycle community who formed ant tracks to get up the hill. Luckily for us the car park banter was so compelling that most of the bikers had hit the road before Dick, always anxious, slipped into his machine, pumped the load pedal a few times, snuggled up to his furry tunnel and summoned us to get going – so we roared out of the pits and headed west.

With the Club’s good reputation top of mind, Jon had undertaken a reconnoitre (on the previous day) and declared a police alert. Luckily this forward thinking paid off, as two motorcycle coppers were on patrol all morning.

A sight to behold when Dick, Daryl, Jon, Jason and I led the group in our Sevens, the world seemed ok.

A good grouping included Darryl in his Targa-ready Exige, some random Elises (Phil & Gail, Adam & Co, Mal, Rob and Steve in his Europa.

Justin & Sam plus Wade & Aston in a couple of randoms crept up to Mt Glorious hidden in the pack, even Mike in a two-tonne Ford made it to the top of the hill.

With coffees and breakfast finished and with the tom-tom drumming about police activity the group crept home, dignity and wallets intact, or so I believe at the time of writing.