The Mapleton Run

Story and photos by Patty Beecham.


Chris is the eldest of five kids, and was taught as a 13 year old how to drive by his grandmother, in a push button automatic Valiant. I am the youngest of five kids, and taught myself to drive, also aged 13, (and we won’t mention me almost reversing into the Hills Hoist clothesline, wide-eyed and open-mouthed, as my mother’s bright red and brand new Mitsubishi Colt hatchback refused to go forward.

I *did* find reverse though (which is more than I can say about my red Morgan Plus 4, but I digress) but this is where my hubby and I differ in driving styles. I am a firm believer of having a tank full of petrol BEFORE we set out for a day’s driving with the Lotus Club; Mr Beechy thinks he can just magically drive and drive and the good fairies will carry him on gossamer wings…well, anyway you get the picture.

As we were already in Maleny, we missed the start of the run beginning at Carseldine; however we did pick the drivers up at D’Aguilar Corner Store, on the way to Woodford. It’s a beautiful sight to pass a convoy of gleaming Lotus cars on the way to the petrol bowser!

After coffees, catch-ups and refreshments we departed, only to be pulled over by a very friendly and happy breathaliser policeman, who couldn’t get the grin off his face seeing so many gorgeous cars.

“Hey this is pretty good not having a roof, eh?” as he passes the breathalyser for Chris to blow in. As Colin told me later, he had said:

“You’ll be lucky to find anyone that would register in this group of drivers!”

Derek Dean, in the Honda NSX, managed to avoid a fine – he hid his trade-plates by nudging up close to us:

“That policeman had tunnel vision, didn’t see a thing!”

Turning down our music we listened for the bell-birds just before the famous Bellbird Creek Café: it’s moved, now back at Little Yabba Park. It’s a perfect place for a cuppa and fresh scones, very auto friendly place.

Kenilworth always welcomes, with its cheese factory (try the yogurt and chocolate mousse too!) and numerous cheese samples to enjoy.

We noted that on today’s run there was Elise, Elise1 and Elise2, so naturally photos were taken and memories made. It’s only right, right?