Samford to Birches

Story & pics by Vyvyan Black

As I am highly unaccustomed to rising in the early morning, the 2nd of August was an unusual Sunday that saw me out of bed at 6am. “Cheese, do I really want to do this or should I just snuggle a bit… aw, c’mon!”

Though just a simple EMR, this event was to feature taking my car somewhere I haven’t been before, and I fancied a nice breakfast out in the country air – even if it had promised a briskness that you just don’t expect in Queensland’s south east.

A-Gaggle-of-ElansThe trot out of the city to Samford was kind of fun because there was hardly any traffic.

“Careful,” I thought… “Don’t get too happy on the gas. Can’t afford inspector plod on my tail.”

Needless to say it’s very easy to become a target in the Elan. I imagined myself pleading with a blue uniformed twenty-something,

“I had to obey the car’s instincts, officer. It doesn’t like doodling along with everyone else. It needs to be free!”

Pulled up at Samford Village and there was no-one around.

Got out, had a look about and noticed a coterie* of Rolls Royces. Gee, hope we don’t get stuck behind that lot!

Within minutes there were plenty of Loti parked beside me. After a bit of hand rubbing and a chit chat we were off up Mt Sampson Road. Thankfully the Rolls crew were still parked.

What nice countryside… cows and everything! We went through Dayboro with its classic country buildings and signs. Seriously pretty and not that far out of Brisbane. Quality roads too, with plenty of variety – sweeping corners, graduating ascents and descents, wooded and open – lovely.

Then suddenly, at the top of a rise we were at Birches, a delightful restaurant with a simple, wholesome breakfast and great coffee. We sat around the large open fireplace decorated with white ribbon that swept from the ceiling beams (for the upcoming wedding party that night).

Great company, sweet driving and an excellent meal. Perfect!

Thanks must go to Greg and Chris Bray for organising the run. Well worth getting out of bed for!

* What is the collective noun? A barrage of Rolls Royces? A stockade?