Run to Mavis’s Kitchen – June 2018

By John Barram. Photos by John & Penny Barram, Vyvyan Black and Alex Molocznyk.

This run took place on 24 June and was organised by Colin McKay. We met at Nerang, just a quick run down the A1 from Brisbane. With Colin’s usual careful planning we all received detailed instructions, which was just as well.

The first stretch was up the Numinbah Valley but 10 minutes into the trip Colin had a flat tyre in the Elan, and pulled off to change it at a point where no-one could possibly stop to help, so we all sailed merrily on our way without our leader.

This drive was through what must be some of the most fertile and scenic regions in Australia and which really should have been part of Queensland. The original plan to establish a separate colony to the north of New South Wales in 1856 had the division line just south of 30 degrees south latitude, south of Grafton. However, by the time the squatters of the New England area had their say, to say nothing of the bureaucrats in Sydney, the final border was at 29 degrees with a bendy bit as you get closer to the coast following the mountains and rivers, ending at Point Danger and leaving all this magnificence in New South Wales.

At least we Queenslanders can visit this foreign territory without a passport.

The morning tea stop was at Flutterbies at Tyalgum, an amazing little place much visited by the day trippers and tourists in the region. The pastries were exquisite. This was followed by about an hour driving a loop on some beautiful Lotus type roads, mostly with the majestic Mt Warning as a backdrop.

Then to lunch at Mavis’s Kitchen at the foot of Mt Warning where we lined up the cars for our pictures. Fourteen Lotus in a line makes a wonderful sight.

The food was excellent and their organisation in serving our significant group precisely on time was noteworthy.
Penny and I then left in a hurry to visit our new grandson but I understand the others had a leisurely afternoon trip home.