Romano’s Dyno Day – 3 Aug 2017

By Dick Reynolds. Photos by Dick Reynolds and Shane Murphy.

“So why don’t we do a Dyno Day / Shootout some day? Good question! Why don’t we?” So we did!

Thirteen cars bowled up to Bob Romano’s, at Morningside and prepared to mount the Dynamometer. 40 psi in the back tyres, check the oil and water and back into the Dyno Booth. Hungry work this, so we put on a sausage sizzle, and Romano’s prepared coffee and biscuits.

Driver Vehicle hp kg hp/tonne
Tim McHugh BMW 135i 350.0 1530 228.7
Andrew Rowe Exige 196.0 875 224.0
Leon BMW M5 400.0 1826 219.0
Martin O’Brien Elise S 207.0 950 217.9
Daryl Wilson Caterham 104.5 570 183.3
Shane Murphy Lotus 7 86.6 498 173.9
Dick Reynolds Caterham 82.5 540 152.7
Rob Stevens Elise 115.0 770 149.3
Jon Young Caterham 86.2 580 148.6
Mal Kelson Elise 106.0 740 143.2
Richard Suggate Elan Plus 2 101.6 840 120.9
Charles Williams Exige N/A N/A N/A
Steve Lennox Europa N/A N/A N/A

So what does it all mean? No idea!

The above of course, is all about engines, not chassis or driving skill.

I did do some “area under the curve” analysis, and discovered that torque and where the horsepower is, has a bit to do with overall performance on track. On the track, how much and what you had for breakfast – I suspect – is more relevant!

There is also the very important LAC Factor (a Martin O’Brien developed concept). That’s ‘Lard Arse Correction Factor’. Fortunately, no-one has asked for the figures.

Matt Plowman, who shared the morning with us in his Audi R8 V10, says the figures aren’t to be trusted, but I believe they are great for comparison later – on the same machine! Brilliant to see the Exige’s performing close to some serious BMW muscle. As usual the “Clubbies” were at it in our usual non-competitive mode, with Daryl absolutely romping home.

Outright horsepower “Major Gong” goes to Leon, with the BMW M5. Well done Leon. Wooden spoon to yours truly.

Power to weight to Tim McHugh, with the BMW 135i. Well done Tim.

Wooden Spoon to Richard in the Plus 2. (Impressive horsepower though, and four seats no less!)

A huge thank you to Chris, Rosa and all for their use of the facilities and care and attention with the cars – no damage at all! Maybe we should do this again in a year or so when all the modifications are complete.