Macleans Bridge – 2014

Now in its thirty ninth year, the Maclean’s Bridge Sports and Classic Car Festival was moved from Lakeside Motor Racing Circuit to a new venue at the Logan Campus of the Griffith University on Brisbane’s Southside.

Here the cars were displayed on a relaxing grassed area bordering semi rural land – a nice way to spend a Sunday in the good company of Club members and enthusiasts. It was also great for some of us to catch-up with ‘old friends’ from other Clubs; some of them were at the original gathering 39 years ago and we’re all still enjoying the fun and friendships of our Sports and Classic cars, old and new.

Around 500 cars were present in all shapes and forms, from 3 wheelers (Top Gear’s favourite Reliant Robin and others) to all the usual marques of Triumph, Jaguar, Porsche, Morgan, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Jensen, Jowett, Austin Healey, MG, Alfa Romeo, Humber, Rolls Royce, Reliant Scimitar, Bentley, Fiat, Lamborghini, Westfield, GM, Ford, Chrysler and many others. All these genuine OE brands and a line-up of impressive replicas including an amazing recreation of the XJ13 Jaguar and an F40 Ferrari which arrived to enjoy the new venue and sunny Brisbane weather.

Lotus was well represented as usual with 19 cars on the day. George Rowe with his immaculate Eleven, Early S1 and S3 Elans, New Elan, Esprits S3 and S4, Elise S1 and S2 with some very impressive variants of Exige – Cup 240 and an immaculate Ayrton Senna commemorative model. The line up was topped off by Daryl Wilson’s immaculate Caterham, resplendent in the new colour and ever so shiny alloy, and a lovely Mk1 Lotus Cortina.

Lesson learnt over the years – get there early and stake out the real estate so we can line up all Lotus together. Organisation in a new venue is always a challenge so we hope next year is bigger and better. Thanks to the TSOA Triumph Sports Owners Association for another great day.

Craig Wilson