ICC Motorkhana April 2018

Story and photos by Dick Reynolds.

First event for this year’s Interclub Championship was the HSCCQ Motorkhana at Willowbank on Sunday 15th April 2018.

We had a great turn-up with Phil Hart (Elise S – 22.38 and Porsche GT3 – 21.57), Shane Murphy (Lotus 7 – 21.13), Martin O’Brien (Elise S – 22.26), Sam Murphy (Exige S – 23.54), Steve Blackie (Elise CR – 26.64) and myself (Caterham S3 – 21.37).

The HSCCQ kindly supplied us with pictures of the “Tests” to be run on the day, which I’m sure all studied diligently during the week before. On arriving it was apparent things weren’t exactly going to plan. The Drag Racers had invaded our tarmac, due to a Calendar error, and the tests would have to change!
No harm done. We just had to study a bit more!

The Tests:


To give you an idea, Spiro Slalom is 60mx20m space allowed and Plumb Crazy, 40mx20m. Between 12m and 16m between markers.

It must be said, Lotus cars go particularly well at these events due to their light weight, particularly clubman cars, and we aren’t far behind the “specials” which are designed for these events. As to why the porky GT3 scored 6th place – well maybe that’s just old age and skill!

And a 240Z in 7th? Well that was Ashley Tyson who has been a bandit on the tests for years. No wondering about the Grahams in 3rd and 4th. They’re just, well, just, triffic!

Well done Phil, you are truly a wizard at Motorkhana, Shane for a skilful (yes that’s one l”) display on the day, Martin for performing under errant handling pressure, Sam for wrestling with the new car and Steve for wringing the poor CR’s neck so well.

It looks as though a swag of this lot may be at the next DTC. Great racing for all!

Thank you Keith, Mary, Scott and the crew from the HSCCQ (Holden Sporting Car Club Queensland) for a great event, and all the Lotus guys for turning up to what proved to be an exhilarating and successful day of motor sport.

“Now if we can just get Murph’s head back into his body!”