Extreme Karting Day

Words by Andrew Row, photos by Gloria Wade.

To overcome the disappointment of the skid pan day being cancelled, Daryl kindly organised a karting day for the last day run of the year. A social start at Blacksmiths Specialty Coffee was breakfast for some, and a coffee to wake the rest of us up.

Clive led us on a scenic route off the highway for the run to Xtreme karts. The winding trail through the farmland of Mt Cotton, a pleasant warm up to the main event of the day. Having arrived at Xtreme karts just in time for lunch, we all tucked into the spread of ingredients for build your own burger. The competitive thoughts started here. Would too many burgers be a weight penalty, or the rounded profile gained give an aerodynamic advantage.

After a quick safety briefing all 19 starters were into the karts to get racing. Flat out from the beginning, with Clive spinning at the first corner and Daryl off on the grass avoiding him. Things didn’t calm down any the whole session, with plenty of gently nudges, lots more spins and off-track adventures. Martin may have been spin king with 2 on the same lap, those rear wheel brakes a trap for the late braker. Shona and Bride doing the girls proud, holding their own amongst the boys.

Back in the club house with spirits high and broad grins, the times were checked and the excuses flowed freely. Consensus being that the lightweights needed some sandbags. Andrew, Garry, and Phil took the podium spots, and to the crowd’s disappointment the lack of champagne spoilt the opportunity for a shoey.

Still full of adrenalin, about half the group decided that a second round was in order. It was time to make amends. Garry got the black flag and naughty finger waved for his enthusiasm in moving others aside on the first lap. Andrew and Clive had a great battle over many laps, never more than a couple of meters apart. All ending in a cloud of dust after Clive ambitiously went 2 abreast on the outside around the flat-out sweepers. There was racing room, honest! Garry’s take no prisoner approach got him on the top step this time, followed by Andrew and Clive.

A great day had by all. Look forward to next year’s kart day.