New Years Early Morning Run

EMR to Mt Glorious – January 2016

By Shane Murphy

January is typically a quiet time for club events, so a plan was hatched to kick the year off with an early morning run to Mt Glorious.

With no plans other than to get the word out and see who turns up, it’s typically pot luck with the numbers.

Obviously a great quench was needed to be slaked, with five 7’s, six or seven Elise’s and Exige’s plus a few rogues (George and Wade).

It was nice to see newcomers, Don and Johan, participate and enjoy the banter.

After sharing the Christmas and New Year’s news and cheer, off we went, at the speed limit of course. Surprisingly those with no lids experienced unseasonally cool driving conditions.

A couple of weeks ago a motorcyclist was killed on the Mt Glorious Road. New speed signs have been erected with the limit now set at 70 kmh, a trap for those not paying attention.

Wade’s special racing Smart Car belched it’s way up the hill choking up the hapless Seven drivers with glorious waves of catalytic converted fumes.

The usual contingent of slow drivers kept us at very moderate speeds as we navigated the bends and cyclists, Mal in his ’86’ joined us en route.

No incidents, no Police, no pack drill… we all cruised into the café and enjoyed a hearty breakfast with an array of cyclists, motorcyclist’s and a few Corvettes to boot.

A few decaf latte’s were ordered and surprisingly nobody immediately claimed them, Greg sipped on his English Breakfast Tea and smiled contentedly.

An hour later we all headed back to town for domestic duties. A great way to spend a few hours on a Sunday morning.