Morgan Park – June 2014

Qld Super Sprints, Morgan Park – 31 May to 1 June 2014

By Garry Pitt

The usual gaggle of competitors headed west for the second round of the Queensland Super Sprints.

With 11 CAMS registered configurations, each round is on a different layout and Round 2 was on the ‘old’ long track – a crowd favourite.

Now these weekends are as much about the social element as the competition. In fact it’s the sort of long weekend when the guys get together, catch up, talk sh*te, play with their cars and occasionally do what we actually came to do, hit the track! You could change the theme around whichever fun you choose – camping, fishing, water skiing, snowboarding etc. – insert your passion.

Friday afternoon is practice for those that can get the day off, followed by two days of sprint competition.

Each sprint is a standing start for a total of three laps for each sprint, total time counts from when you leave the line to the checkered flag, so everything counts; your launch, each and every corner of each lap for the total time.

The challenge in this sort of sprint is to make every lap and every corner perfect, not just one lap once everything is at its optimum. You need to manage the grip from cold tyres on lower pressures and be ‘on it’ from the very first corner all the way through the tyres’ temp and pressure range (and therefore changing grip) to the completion of the sprint.

Everyone seemed to have a great weekend and with no accidents within the Lotus fraternity, and everyone bringing their cars home in one piece, that’s always a good weekend.

Now when we go ‘racing’ there are a whole range of expectations as to what we actually do and I’ve tried to capture that in the photos.