Lakeside DTC March 2017

Round 1 LCQ DTC Series – Lakeside International Raceway

Story by Steve Lennox, photos by Dick Reynolds and Shane Murphy.

Staging-LightsSo, the first DTC for 2017 has been run and what a success. There were 50 entries of which 22 were Lotus (if we include Caterham). The new timing gear performed faultlessly and my stints in the timing tent confirmed how well this system functions, with a couple of button pushes to stage and start each run. The times are automatically recorded then loaded straight onto Lotus Club website as live results for all to see. A lot of the participants complimented Daryl regarding the live results on the website.

This is a great club event where you can use your Lotus as intended in a safe environment. The track is configured to have nine very challenging corners and a large ‘roundabout’. This configuration really highlights a car’s capability. Some say that “it is all about throttle, brakes, steering and a balanced approach.” NONSENSE! My best times were when I drove it like it was stolen, or borrowed in the case of Liam.

I personally learned a lot about how tyre pressures can affect performance, having received advice to lower and raise the pressures. I can now say that the higher tyre pressure made a huge difference to grip and handling.

Fastest time of the day went to Ken Graham after an all-day battle with Pauline in the Datsun. Dick Reynolds was the fastest Lotus on the day. Dick’s baldy tyres (slicks) are paying dividends; so much so that Ken and Liam attempted to turn their tyres bald as well, unfortunately going a bit too far and ending up running on canvas.

Some of the highlights from the day;

  • Daryl Wilson spinning off twice
  • Mal Kelson not spinning off
  • James Driscoll spinning very close to the water
  • Martin O’Brien losing his roof mid run
  • Adam Kingston dirtied up his very well presented Elise for the first time
  • Euan McGarry’s first DTC; the Excel being driven hard
  • Con Torrisi breaking the rear suspension control arm and very lucky that it didn’t cause a major incident
  • Keith Wade breaking the gearbox and calling the President (and brother) Clive to tow him home
  • George Row improving with each event, we are expecting sub 60 next event George
  • Family affair; Ken and Liam Philp, Jason and Euan McGarry, Con and Paul Torrisi, Mike and James Driscoll, Ken, Pauline and Jeffrey Graham

A big thanks to Giles Cooper for running the timing for most of the day. I do feel that next DTC we might see less of Giles in the timing tent and more of him competing as he is really anticipating getting his recently acquired Europa out on the DTC track.

I do enjoy this club event as it is well run with a great bunch of people and some of the best sledging I have come across in a non-competitive event. See you all for the next one in June.