February EMR

By Shane Murphy. Photos by Shane Murphy and Dick Reynolds.

Spontaneity is the spice of life…

So with the weather cooling off and a week of rain on the horizon, the call went out “any one up for an early run up to Mt Glorious”.

This ad-hoc style of social run adds to what is building as a full year, and by nature fills in the calendar in between traditional organised events.

Jon and Jason, two of our usual EMR runners were otherwise entertained at Mt Cotton, hopefully we will hear about that event in another place. A mix of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly double clutched into MacDonald’s at 7.00am ready for a 7.15 departure. New members, Tony and Sandi, recent Lotus converts, purred into Maccas in their new white Evora, carefully avoiding the parking bump stop. A couple of the rarest Lotus, Giles and Steve in Europa S’s, a couple of cool Sevens, Vyvyan in his ultra-uber Elan and the odd Elise and Exige to make up the numbers.

A coolish morning, plenty of cyclists and the usual volume of motorcyclists were the features of the run up the hill, plenty of new asphalt enhanced the drive, thank you Brisbane City Council. Daryl sent his apology with his Caterham in the shop receiving some TLC (new name for a valve grind), nothing to do with upping the horsepower in anticipation of the DTC in two weeks, Daryl stressed.

A slower than usual breakfast, however the fare was up to scratch, and the chatter was entertaining to say the least, no lattes to see here! With the rain beckoning and Mr Plod chatting to the motorcyclists outside the café, everyone made their escape, luckily the rain was showery in nature and the scoot down the hill was by all accounts swift, legal and uneventful.

Check out the fun on this video.