DTC Lakeside – Sunday 29 May


The popularity of the timed laps event continues to surprise us all

By Shane Murphy. Photos by Gloria Wade

A key reason I think (and a big bouquet for him) is Daryl Wilson’s continued diligence in organising the run and ensuring that the event goes seamlessly on the day.

With Mal Kelson and Gail Hart manning the timing tent, the volunteer crew rolled out the timing gear, a sunny day but dusty track – what a formula for success.

We had a total of 43 runners including 17 Lotus Club members, not a bad mix given the large number of events we are hosting this year.

Times started off slowly due to the nature of the track, however as the day warmed up and the track ‘rubbered in’ the crew slowly but surely pushed up toward personal best times.

Travis Johns and Pauline Graham shared Travis’s Esprit Sport 1300 and blitzed the field. Fastest Lotus of the day belonged to Liam, followed by Lindsay and Ken, with club member Phil splitting the top 5 in his impressive GT3.

Dick and Clive traded tenths all day with Dick edging Clive out by .03 by days’ end.

No broken cars, save for a dent in a door, proved once again that this type of event is challenging but not frightening and that you can push yourself with little issue, as long as common sense prevails.

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We look forward to seeing everyone at the next Club DTC event to be held on the 2nd July, remember to vote early.