DTC brings the usual suspects and a few laughs

Now in its fifth year, the Timed Laps event at the Lakeside Driver Training Centre (DTC) is a favourite for LCQ members who enjoy a competitive outing in a controlled environment.

Story: Shane Murphy, Photos: Jay Bowden

Lakeside is, for most, an easy 45 minute drive away and on the 7th of March the usual suspects made up 32 entrants, all keen to get on the track after the long summer break.

Daryl Wilson (pictured above) once again organised and pulled the day together, ably assisted on the day by Club members manning the timing tent and taking on setting-up duties.

The day went well, with no safety concerns. It was interesting to note each driver’s performance curve over the nine runs as the temperature kept rising towards the day’s top of about 32 degrees. (Note to all: get fitter!)

On the surface, the event is conducted as a non-competitive timed laps program, but there are always hidden tensions when the helmets are donned and the visors flipped down. And as usual, the day was full of laughs! A few highlights worth noting…

A big congratulations to Matt for once again topping the time sheets, the pressure was on all day from Garry and in the final wash up, he ran a close second.

The Lindsay vs Clint challenge is always highly amusing with Clint pipping Lindsay by 0.82 of a second. Lindsay was seen wandering around muttering, “Bring your own b…. car next time.” Luckily for all the families present no one understood Scottish swear words.

New guys, Paul Torrisi (2004 Elise) and Tim Ash (Exige Cup 260) finished the day well, both promising to return and possibly turning off their air-con next time to improve performance.

Mal Kelson set the track alight, pulling out a sub 50 second lap, (Mal’s grin was bigger than Dan Ricciardo’s) however, much to the disappointment of all spectators, Mal didn’t spin off once all day!

Dick tried everything to improve his times, including removing his windscreen, taking off his sunglasses, altering his tyre pressures, lowering his glove box, ultimately removing his air-filters in a bid to find that elusive delta. (Note to Dick, ask an engineer what a delta is.)

In the background Mike Moore was putting in hot laps in his 340R. Garry and Kelly traded blows all day, Kelly lining up time after time promising that this would be her last and fastest lap. However as the next round lined up Kelly was there chanting ‘This time, then I am off”.

Daryl started the day with the world on his shoulders, put in a couple of early fast but then disappointingly mediocre laps. However, when provoked to action by a boisterous bunch of start line spectators, pulled out his fastest lap, which amused the maddening crowd and caused Dick much angst.

Three more meetings are scheduled for 2015. Keep the following dates free:

  1. Sunday 3 May 2015
  2. Saturday 20 June 2015
  3. Sunday 16 August 2015