The Lotus marque is synonymous with motorsport and has posted many victories in its history.

With seven F1 championships, wins at Le Mans, Indianapolis 500, plus saloon car championships. More recently a Lotus Exige here in Australia won the Targa championship twice in the hands of Paul Stokell. Not forgetting the extremely competitive club motorsports that Lotus has been at the forefront for all its existence.

If you do wish to test your Lotus in motorsport our club offers many events to suit your needs:

Entry Level – DTC

This is a short track that tests your car and skills at safe speeds.
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Intermediate Level – Timed Events

These events are more demanding but are only one car on track at a time so its just against the clock.
Hillclimbs, as a club we participate in two main climbs, these being Mt Cotton and Noosa hillclimbs. Some members also enter Grafton, Goldrush and other Australian events.

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Mt Cotton Hillclimb
Noosa Hillclimb

Club Motorsport – ICC (Inter Club Challenge)

LCQ competes in the Inter Club Challenge (ICC) where the participating clubs each host a round of the challenge. This is a great opportunity to get your competitive spirit out and enjoy some great events with liked minded enthusiasts. Check our events and calendar for further information on these events.

Sprint Series – Morgan Park

This is a four round series held at Morgan Park Raceway at Warwick, we have a large and active group of members running this series. This is a great event at full speed yet controlled so there is no real door to door racing.

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Lotus Only Track Days (LOTD)

Lotus Cars Australia (through Simply Sports Cars) hold corporate track days for Lotus owners, these are mainly in the southern states. The headline event is the Bathurst Track Day, where we get to drive the famous Mt Panorama circuit at full speed.

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Australian TARGA Championship

This is the three round road rally championship; our members compete in a number of the categories, and we have had a club member as outright winner.

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There is also the touring category where we can take our road cars and experience these events at speed with safety, as these events are speed limited and led by experienced teams. One of these tours is run by club member Paul Stokell’s business, Driving Events

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Motorsport/ Competition Licensing

These events are run under a competition licensing system, most events we participate in are covered by one of these licenses

3. Motorsport Australia

LCQ is a Motorsport Australia (was CAMS) affiliated club so you can use your membership to access their licenses.

Please talk to club members about which competition license is required for the event.

Training and Advanced Driving Techniques

If you want to get the most out of your Lotus and need a bit of coaching to improve your skills or need Motorsport Australia License testing. Check out for a range of events and coaching that is available to our club members by one of our own.