EMRs – Give it a crack!

Early Morning Runs – why not try it!

By: The Social Committee 2016.

The challenge for any club is to get the activities across the year in balance. LCQ is no different with each member wishing for a slightly different experience, of course related to enjoying the Lotus marque.

The social committee has put a lot of thought into the club’s planned activities across the year, balancing the mix of social runs, competition events, family friendly affairs, technical visits with of course the chance to mingle, have a drink and a good laugh.

For the guys with an open top format (the old fellas) social runs are often most enjoyed if they are short, hilly, held on windy roads where the speed limit is a challenge.

With this in mind, and with the format being as casual as can be offered, the Club has programmed a monthly “Early Morning Run” thus the acronym EMR.

Traditionally moderated by PP Dick, each month an event has been diarised. The typical format is to meet at the McDonalds, The Gap at 7.00 am before departing on a spirited (but legal) run to Mt Glorious for a coffee and breakfast.

The early morning format offers a number of advantages; primarily we beat the cyclists up the hill and after a nice run, coffee and breakfast you can be home to mow the lawn by 10.30 am.

As mentioned the format is casual so if you are new to the club, just turn up and enjoy the hill, no RSVP, if one, two of ten turn up it doesn’t matter.