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Racing & Formula 1

JPS Lotus
Classic Team Lotus
Jim Clark

Lotus Formula Ford Register

Formula Ford registry for Lotus 31/51/ and 61 FF/FB cars.

Eleven (Mark 11) 1956-1958

Lotus Eleven Register

Elite (Type 14) 1957-1964

Lotus Elite Type 14
Lotus 14 Mail List

Elan (Type 26, 36, 45, 50) 1962-1973
Elan (S1-S4)

Lotus Elan.Net

Elan +2

Lotus Elan +2 Register

Seven (Mark 7, Type 60) 1957-to date
Lotus Seven (S1 – S4)

Lotus 7 Register – United Kingdom
Lotus and Caterham – Enthusiasts United Kingdom
Lotus and Caterham – 1957 – 2006 Models and Specifications

Caterham Sevens

Caterham Australia
Mostly Caterham Seven Links

Lotus Cortina (Type 28) 1963-1966

Lotus Cortina Register – United Kingdom
Lotus Cortina – United Kingdom
Cortina MkII Owners Club

Europa (Type 46, 54, 65, 74) 1967-1974

Yahoo Lotus Europa Mailing List
Lotus Europa Central

Elite II (Type 75, 83) 1974-1982

Lotus 4Seaters

Eclat (Type 76, 84) 1975-1982

Mark Belchamber’s Eclat Page
Neil Dixon’s Eclat Page
Lotus 4Seaters

Esprit (Type 79, 82, 85) 1975-2003

Lotus Esprit World

Early Models (S1 – S3)

S1S2S3 Owners
JPS Esprit Register

Later Models (Turbos – V8)

Esprit Fact File
Turbo Esprit List

Excel (Type 89) 1982-1992

Excel Register
Lotus Excel

Elan (Type M100) 1990-1995

Lotus Elan Central

Carlton (Type 104) 1990-1993

Elise (Type 111) 1996-to date
Normal (S1 & S2)

Elise Talk

JPS (John Player Special)

Type 72

Europa (S & SE)
Late 2006-Early 2010

Lotus Europa Central



Evora 2008-to date

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