Lotus 2015

LOTUS 2015 is here!

We are so excited! The new Lotus 2015 website is alive and ready to accept bookings.

Web Booking Page

Take advantage of our Earlybird Offer!

When you book please note: It is important that when you reach the end of the Event Checkout, that you click on the “Participant and Vehicle Information” to complete your booking with your details as highlighted at left.

After completing your booking you will receive 2 emails. A confirmation email with your Booking Reference Number and a second with details of your booking. Payment is by EFT (preferred) or cheque, and we are offering payment in 2 installments. Please include the last 4 digits of the Lotus 2015 Booking Reference number and your surname as the transaction reference for EFT.

We are looking forward to you joining us for this biennial event.

Callum Hahn

For partners with limited interest in cars we have a fantastic Magical Mystery Tour on the Sunday, including a cooking demonstration by Callum Hahn from MasterChef (pictured at left). See the Magical Mystery Tour page for full details.

All enquiries to:
Andrew Stevens
Organising Committee
Lotus 2015