DTC Terms and Conditions

Competitors and Crew – the ONLY acceptable blood/alcohol reading is 0.00!

Queensland Raceway’s officials may test you at any time. Any positive BAC reading means immediate exclusion from the rest of the event.

Consumption of alcohol or the use of any substance capable of impairing skill and good judgement may only be consumed within the designated areas. Consumption or use by ANY competitor, crew, official, or support person is strictly prohibited before and during an Activity.

Queensland Raceway (QR) Management has the right to expel any person from the event and the venue who they consider to be acting in a manner which endangers or impacts on other peoples’ enjoyment of the event activities or causes a complaint to be brought to QR officials.

Clothing for drivers and crew must be appropriate for the motorsport activity being undertaken. This means, at least, enclosed footwear with full coverage from ankle to wrist to neck for drivers and any crew working on the vehicle.

Drivers must wear FIA approved apparel for all race activities and competition. Helmets must meet or surpass the AS1698 requirements. Roll-over protection systems must meet the standards of the category/activity the car participates in.

NOTE: Dorian transmitters must be fitted to all RACING vehicles. Transmitters are available from the Chief Timekeeper up to 30 minutes prior to the start of Qualifying for the fee of $20 per event.

Officials are volunteers, giving their time so you can enjoy your sport, and shall be treated with due respect. Official’s directions must be followed promptly, with full compliance and in good grace. Any driver or crew that has a problem with a direction from an official shall carry out that direction immediately and then raise the issue with QR Management for its consideration.

Vehicles must be driven SLOWLY at all times and in ALL AREAS until they are actually competing or participating in an event. This means MAX SPEED IN PIT LANE IS 10km/h up to the exit line and IN ALL OTHER AREAS. Drivers exceeding these limits should expect to be at least cautioned or not permitted to start in one or runs and potentially be expelled from the venue.

Nobody under the age of 14 is permitted inside the General Pit Lane area without close adult supervision. Children aged 5 or under MUST be carried at all times. Children may be excluded from Pit Lane at the direction of an official.

Safety Scrutineers require the car to be properly prepared for the event. This includes steering and brakes, especially pads and fluid. All safety equipment, especially seats and restraints, shall be in excellent condition. Race apparel must be in excellent condition.

Fire extinguishers, when fitted to a road car, must be secured in the passenger side foot well within reach of the driver with quick release fittings capable of holding the extinguisher in place at 40G.

All loose items must be removed from the vehicle prior to leaving pit lane especially drink bottles and items dangling off rear vision mirrors.

Drivers must hold a Civil License and/or a Competition License issued by a recognised organisation that is appropriate to the level of the activity being undertaken. Non-AASA license holders will be asked to contribute to the AASA Accident Insurance.

No animals are permitted into the venue during an event unless they are part of the event and have written permission from the management to be on the premises.

The closing time for entries is the latest time an entry can be received and processed and is noted on the front of the Entry Form.

Credits or refunds of 100% can be granted at any time prior to the closing date shown on the front of the Entry Form. No credit or refund is available if you have commenced any of the activities for which you have been accepted.

At Lakeside, you must not attempt to retrieve your trailer or commence loading up until end of day unless you have specific permission from the Clerk of Course.

QR runs events with three “whole of track” safety conditions. They are “Caution, Clampdown and Cancel”. You must understand and accept your responsibilities under each of these conditions before you enter the track.

QR’s overarching objective is to bring fun to recreational motorsport at the lowest possible price. We seek your support to achieve this by asking you to help us look after QR’s venues, facilities and equipment.